Resilient Australia Photography Award winner reflects on success

27 June 2017

Winners of last year’s Resilient Australia Awards are encouraging Victorians to apply to be recognised on a national stage.

Bendigo Advertiser photographer Glen Daniels received the Resilient Australia Photography Award for his photograph ‘Fire Ranges’, taken at a fire near Kyneton.

The photograph shows the moment the wind changed and the Blackhill Road fire near Kyneton started encroaching on a fire truck.

“The CFA were worried about this fire as a wind change was due,” Mr Daniels said.

“They had 80 trucks and aircraft. At first I could see the fire coming through the bush slowly but then the wind changed and all hell broke loose,” he said

“I chose the photo because it shows the scary situation that our CFA crews often come face to face with. The size of the flames compared to the tanker was just scary.”

Mr Daniels said he felt humbled to be selected as the winner for last year’s award.

“I wanted to support the awards, and also thought I had a decent photo to show. I was really impressed with the way the fire was handled and strategically coordinated,” he said.

“The fact that these volunteers give up their own time to protect our communities, I thought it was worth showing people the dangers they face and give them some recognition for their efforts.”

Mr Daniels said if anyone was considering entering the photograph in this year’s awards they should go for it.

“You have nothing to lose. Not only is it great to support these awards, but you get your work out there to be seen.”

To apply for this year's Resilient Australia Awards head to (External link) (External link)