Reducing the risk of fires in the home

18 June 2020

Each year from 1 April to 30 August, CFA runs a campaign to inform and educate the community on reducing the risk of fire in their homes.

This year’s activities include a joint campaign with MFB, promoting the message that ‘Silence is deadly’. This campaign includes the message that many fatal fires start at night, and the smell of smoke alone won't wake you up. 

Building on previous campaigns about smoke alarms, this year’s social media posts also cover interconnected smoke alarms. These are alarms that communicate with each other, so if one alarm activates, all the alarms activate. This gives everyone in the home the best chance of getting out before they are overcome by smoke. It is now law in Victoria for any new home, or home undergoing significant renovation, that where multiple smoke alarms are required, they must be interconnected. 

The campaign also includes other broad residential fire safety messages.  

EMV encourages the emergency management sector to get behind this important campaign. Find and share CFA’s campaign messages on: 
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