Night flights for Victoria’s Chinook

24 February 2022
A Chinook helicopter on the tarmac at night, surrounded by red, yellow and orange light.

Crew of the CH47 Chinook helicopter have taken the opportunity to get to know the Victorian landscape – by day and night to build on their safety skills, and train in controlled circumstances. 

The Chinook is accredited to fight fires at night and is equipped with night vision equipment. For some fires, night firebombing is a valuable tool to support the firefighters on the ground. This gives them the best chance to put fires out and help keep the community safe. 

A particular focus of the trial has been keeping small fires small overnight.  

Trial flights are a combination of early evening daylight and night operations, which usually conclude before midnight. 

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said: “It’s so important that we continue to train, for the crew to get to know our state, in the event they might be deployed to a fire.” 

“Thanks to residents in Whittlesea, Hume Vale, Kinglake West, Arthurs Creek, Doreen and Strathewen, and the broader Victorian community, who may have seen or heard the Chinook at night over the last week.” 

Night training is expected to continue over the next few weeks. 

See video of the Chinook at night on EMV’s LinkedIn post (External link) and tweet (External link)


Photo courtesy Dave Soda Söderström