More Victorian crews to join Canadians as firefight grows

3 August 2017

A second round of Victorian emergency management personnel will fly to Canada this weekend to join Australian crews managing out-of-control fires in the British Columbia province.

Ten Victorians, including three personnel from Parks Victoria and seven from Forest Fire Management Victoria, will fly to Sydney tomorrow then to Canada, as part of a 30-member Australian contingent.

They join more than 50 Australians already deployed.

Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said Victorian crews would help bolster the capability of ground and air operations.

“Victorian personnel have specialist skills and experience in each of their respective fields. I have no doubt their expertise will be welcomed,” he said.

“The Victorian crew currently in Canada are doing exceptionally well. Together with their national and international colleagues, they are working hard to manage hundreds of fires.

“With no major weather on the horizon to ease conditions, extreme fire danger is expected to continue.

“There is a long-standing partnership between Victoria and Canada which sees us share resources and personnel. We are honoured to help our Canadian partners in their time of need.”

Fires have already burnt more than one million hectares across Canada with more than 200 wildfires continuing to burn. British Columbia remains in a state of emergency.