Mindfulness meditations - created with our sector in mind

26 June 2020

Emergencies can be stressful. So in the work undertaken across our sector, stress is sometimes unavoidable.  

To support our sector, the Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) has looked for ways to help people stay calm during shifts, and then unwind afterward. The result is a series of guided meditations in mindfulness. They take from five to 10 minutes each, and there are 14 topics: 

  • Being with grief in a healthy way (10 mins) 
  • Mindful Listening (5 mins) 
  • Letting go of the day (5 mins) 
  • Cultivating Gentleness (10 mins) 
  • Getting to sleep (10 mins) 
  • Having a better relationship with ourselves and others (10 mins) 
  • Managing change & uncertainty (10 mins) 
  • Managing difficult emotions (10 mins) 
  • Mindful media consumption (10 mins) 
  • Reducing stress (10 mins) 
  • Releasing tension from the body (10 mins) 
  • Staying calm under pressure (10 mins) 
  • Staying focused (10 mins) 
  • Strengthening your mental muscle (10 mins) 

Mindfulness expert Dr Richard Chambers, ESF, narrates the audio meditations. He gives context to the topics and explains why they are relevant to our sector. You can choose the topic(s) that resonates most with you. 

Dr Chambers developed the program with 2019 ESF scholarship awardee Dennis Smith, a Senior Station Officer with MFB. Dennis used his scholarship to explore how mindfulness could be applied in the emergency management sector. 

Mindfulness is a proven strategy for improving wellbeing and resilience, increasing focus and job performance, and enhancing relationships. To access the free meditations , register on the ESF website’s Mindfulness page (External link).