Leading the world in lessons learned

27 March 2018

27 March 2018

Victoria recently deployed real time monitoring and evaluation (RTM&E) teams to support sector continuous improvement and real time learning.

The teams were deployed during readiness for wind and fire risk in the Dandenong area, and relief and early recovery following the South West fires.

These two deployments have been a great display of capturing good practise examples and learning opportunities to inform not only the real time operations but sector wide analysis for state level, multi agency trends and the development of the Emergency Management Operational Review.

The RTM&E teams were made up of personnel from EMV, DEDJTR, VICSES, DELWP, DHHS and CFA.

Victoria’s industry leading approach to lessons learned has gained wide praise.

Nick Milton, an expert in knowledge management, posted an article on his blog (External link) sharing an insight into EMV’s lessons management process, as well as the real time monitoring and evaluation deployments (External link).

Milton stated: Core to their success is the effective learning of lessons from various emergencies.

IT website ‘Technology Decisions’ (External link) also highlighted the work being done by Lisa Jackson and her team, posting about the lessons management platform EM-Share.

More information on Victoria's lessons management approach is available here (External link).