Leading from Within – Building Resilient Communities

21 June 2017

Winners of last year’s Resilient Australia Awards are encouraging Victorians to apply to be recognised on a national stage.

ARC Ventures won the Resilient Australia Business Award for their project Leading from Within – Building Resilient Communities.

The project was focused on supporting community leaders to take control and support shared responsibility in planning for disasters. The idea behind the program was to find ways to support communities to do ‘it’ for themselves.

Some of the key outcomes from the project include:

  • The creation of 3 community action plans with specific actions around preparedness and readiness for disaster.
  • The creation of a communication plan/strategy to better inform residents of local emergency warning systems already in place.
  • The establishment of a community phone tree in Daisy Hill with the purpose to connect neighbours in a community where little opportunity for interaction is available.
  • Changes made to the MEMP to incorporate the availability of the shortwave radio club in Dunolly which can be utilised as a secondary communication system when other systems fail.
  • A better understanding of the level of vulnerability that exists within the community.
  • The establishment of key relationships between community leaders and emergency services agencies to support two way communication and opportunities to work together.
  • A core leadership group consisting of at least 5 community leaders in each community who are better engaged with the Central Goldfields Shire and empowered to take action in creating a safer community and building resilience.

Project Manager Raelene Williams said they felt the work they had been leading in the community was having a positive impact.

“We entered the 2016 Resilient Australia Awards because we wanted to demonstrate that it doesn't take a lot of resources to support communities in participating and leading disaster resilience activities,” she said

“It was an amazing feeling to be recognised at this level.  It was also very humbling to attend the awards ceremony and meet so many people working in so many different ways to support Victorian communities.”

Ms Williams said entering the project in the awards also gave them the opportunity to analyse the work they had done and consider elements such as the benefits and outcomes.

To apply for this year's Resilient Australia Awards head to https://resilient.awardsplatform.com/ (External link) (External link)