Food and supplies delivered to Shepparton community

30 August 2021

Hundreds of relief packs have been provided to those in need in response to the COVID-19 situation in Shepparton, as part of a collaborative effort by community groups, volunteers and relief organisations. 

Over the weekend more than 700 households received deliveries of food and other supplies organised by Goulburn Valley Cares, Australian Red Cross and the Australian Defence Force. These included 270 halal food and supply packs. 

Urgent specialist needs such as pharmacy and medical supplies as well as packages for multicultural groups are also being delivered to households.    

About 4,300 personal close contacts have been linked to the Greater Shepparton COVID-19 outbreak, which means three to four times this number could be isolated in their homes.   

Emergency Management Victoria is working closely with all agencies involved, including the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing and the Victorian Multicultural Commission to ensure all community needs are addressed. 

Deputy Emergency Management Commissioner Deb Abbott was on the ground over the weekend supporting emergency management coordination in Shepparton. She said there has been an incredible effort from organisations and volunteers across the community. 

“We continue to have a solid supply of food and other material aid that is meeting the referrals from the community,” she said.   

“Most demand is now being driven by those specialist products that run out quickly such as baby formula, fresh produce and medical supplies.” 

She urged the community to reach out if their relief needs weren’t being met. Households low on supplies should get in touch quickly and not leave requests until the last minute.  

"If you have an elderly neighbour or someone you're worrying about, please make a call to check if they need assistance. Never assume someone is networked and linked to support." 

Anyone who needs to use the service can call 1800 675 398.   

Victorians are reminded to never rely on one channel for emergency information. Connect to official sources of emergency information, including: 

  • VicEmergency app 

  • (External link) 

  • Tune in to local emergency broadcasters such as ABC local radio, commercial and select community radio stations, or SkyNews TV  

  • Phone the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226