Emergency management planning framework now in full effect

3 December 2020

EMV has just passed an important milestone for Victoria’s new integrated, comprehensive and coordinated emergency management planning framework. All parts of the Emergency Management Legislation Amendment Act 2018 are now in effect. This completes the transition to a new way of planning in Victoria. 

It has been a challenging year to implement a significant reform program. EMV’s planning reform team set a strong foundation with a three-phased implementation, resulting in the publishing of the State Emergency Management Plan in September. The Regional Emergency Management Plans followed in November. From 1 December, Municipal Emergency Management Plans will be updated in line with their existing review cycles. 

Other notable achievements include: 

  • establishment and continued expansion of the Emergency Management Planning Resource Library 
  • three iterations of the Minister’s guidelines for preparing emergency management plans published 
  • publication of the Emergency Risks in Victoria report 
  • the Governor in Council approving eight emergency management regions  
  • establishment of eight Regional Emergency Management Planning Committees (REMPCs) 
  • establishment of a Regional Collaboration Group with membership of all REMPC Chairs 
  • development of a new assurance process for state, regional and municipal level plans and sub-plans 
  • engagement with Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committees (MEMPCs) chairs to support their transition to reformed arrangements from 1 December onward. 

Getting to this point has been a true collaborative effort.  EMV thanks the sector for its continuing commitment to planning under the reformed framework.