Eight months of activation at the State Control Centre

13 May 2020

The SCC, Victoria's primary control centre for the management of emergencies, has been activated for eight months straight, managing multiple emergencies from fires and extreme weather events to COVID-19.  

From 11 September, the SCC was staffed to support the interstate deployment of Victorian firefighters to NSW and QLD. Victoria’s fire season followed with the SCC most recently supporting the Victorian response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergencies don’t have days off, so the SCC has also operated on weekends and public holidays. 

Running such a vital and busy centre is a large logistical operation. By the start of May, more than 13,000 roles had been positioned at the SCC since 11 September. Regulars and first-timers were rostered into positions supporting the key functions of the SCC, including Intelligence, Planning, Public Information, Logistics, Assurance and Learning, the State Air Desk and Room Management, as well as supporting the State Response Controller and other key roles.  

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said the SCC and all its members have had to be more agile than ever in managing a range of emergencies and keeping the community safe. 

“The SCC has been stood up for more than 200 consecutive days, which has never happened before in its history,” he said. 

“Thank you to all our people who have, and continue to, staff and support the State Control Centre in different ways, whether that’s in the SCC itself, in another building or from home.  

“Every member of the team has played a part in keeping the community safe, not only the Victorian community, but also our interstate colleagues and communities too, and I sincerely thank you for that. It’s been an incredible team effort.”