Chairs in place for Regional Emergency Management Planning Committees

24 July 2020

Victoria's emergency management regions can now begin developing their new regional emergency management plans (REMPs), with all eight regional emergency management planning committees (REMPCs) electing chairpersons.

A range of agencies will lead REMPCs over the coming months, reflecting the collaborative nature of emergency management planning. The chairpersons include representatives from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning; Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions; Emergency Management Victoria; Fire Rescue Victoria; Red Cross; Victoria State Emergency Service and Victoria Police.

The introduction of formalised regional-level planning arrangements will, for the first time in Victoria, empower regions to plan and prepare for emergencies to protect their communities. The REMPCs will connect state and municipal levels to ensure that emergency management planning operates in both a top-down and bottom-up way. This framework was established by the Emergency Management Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (EMLA Act).

The REMPCs have initially been established on a policy basis. When the regional components of the EMLA Act formally come into effect later this year, the REMPCS will produce regional emergency management plans (REMPs) covering mitigation, response and recovery arrangements, and the roles and responsibilities of agencies involved in managing emergencies.

EMV looks forward to supporting the newly elected chairpersons and the broader REMPCs in delivering their REMPs.