Award winning training for our Emergency Alert Warning System

26 August 2022
A medal and cloth carry-case sitting on a wooden surface.

EMV’s technology team led a recent upgrade to Australia's Emergency Alert Warning System. It is one of the important tools emergency service organisations use for community warnings. Improvements include a better user interface and map features.  

With new functions to learn and significant natural disasters in 2022, interest in training for the system has been high. So, in July and August our trainers traveled across the nation, carrying out face-to-face visits, which supplement virtual training facilitated since the upgrade in late 2021. 

We delivered training to more than 120 users from: 

  • South Australia Police 
  • South Australia State Emergency Service 
  • South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM) 
  • NSW Rural Fire Service 
  • Resilience, Fire and Rescue NSW 
  • NSW Police 
  • Queensland State Disaster Co-ordination Centre Watch desk 
  • WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services  
  • WA Police (Maryland) 
  • Northern Territory Emergency Service 
  • Northern Territory Police  
  • other agencies in Victoria, ACT and Tasmania. 

We thank participants for the warm welcome and positive feedback they gave our trainers. Detailed discussions helped the team understand how the system is being used nationwide. This will initiate future improvements to the system. 

Queensland’s Fire and Emergency Services demonstrated their appreciation by presenting our trainers with a Fire Services Award.