An updated overview of Community Based Emergency Management

14 April 2023
Three community members standing opposite three volunteers in matching shirts. There is a table laden with boxes labelled 'donations' between them.

The updated Community Based Emergency Management (CBEM) 2023 Overview is now available. It is a guide for communities and organisations to improve decision making and take action around emergencies.  

The CBEM Overview will support Victorians to use community based principles, processes, and supporting information, to assist communities to better plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies, with the support of the Victorian emergency management sector and other partners.  

The CBEM approach contributes to building relationships and leadership potential across communities and supporting organisations. 

The CBEM Overview recognises the unique characteristics of Victoria’s diverse communities and is designed to guide and support: 

  • people who live, work in, and visit Victoria  
  • communities 
  • emergency management agencies 
  • government  
  • business and industry  
  • community service organisations 
  • community based facilitators. 

The update provides an overview of what CBEM can achieve, including: 

  • who should use it 
  • the vision 
  • why we need this approach 
  • guiding principles 
  • working together to build on combined strengths 
  • supporting policies and programs 
  • continually learning to improve, adapt and transform. 

It also includes references and helpful links. 

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said the updated CBEM Overview provides key information for communities and organisations.

“Community safety is a shared responsibility and the overview is designed to help Victorians from diverse communities improve decision making around emergencies,” he said. 

“By better understanding the likely impacts and consequences before, during and after emergencies, communities are better able to prepare, respond and recover.” 

See the Community Based Emergency Management Overview 2023 (PDF)

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