All Sectors Resilience Network Forum 2022

13 July 2022
EMV Chief Executive and Deputy Secretary, Emergency Management, Kate Fitzgerald at a podium in front of a screen that reads "All Sectors Resilience Network Forum". About 20 people can be seen seated at tables in a section of the audience.

EMV recently hosted the All Sectors Resilience Network Forum, involving members of Victoria’s eight critical infrastructure Sector Resilience Networks (SRNs).  

EMV Chief Executive and Deputy Secretary, Emergency Management, Kate Fitzgerald, opened the forum and discussed the importance of the state’s critical infrastructure. She also acknowledged the agility and commitment of owners and operators managing emergency events and disruption. 

Presentations from industry covered industry-government collaboration, supply chain disruption, resilience initiatives and more. Presenters included: 

  • Woolworths  
  • Yarra Trams 
  • Melbourne Water 
  • AusNet 
  • National Broadband Network (nbn). 

The forum ended with a discussion exercise based on a large earthquake in Gippsland. The imagined impacts on critical infrastructure and emergency services were widespread and prolonged. Emergency Management Commissioner, Andrew Crisp, and Deputy Chief Officer VICSES, Alistair Drayton, participated. 

This was the first in-person event hosted by the EMV Critical Infrastructure Resilience team since 2019. It was a great opportunity for critical infrastructure owners and operators, government and other SRN members to network and share ideas.