2019 Resilient Australia Awards finalists

13 August 2019

13 August 2019

The 2019 Resilient Australia Awards finalists have been announced. 

Since 2000, the awards have celebrated initiatives that build whole of community resilience to disasters and emergencies around Australia, as well as images capturing resilience in action. They recognise collaboration and innovative thinking across all sectors.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday 28 August 2019. 

Check out the full list of entrants: 

Resilient Australia Community Award

 Application name

Team members

 Long-Term Disaster Resilience

 Caroline Spencer

 Jaspreet Kaur

 Alyssa Duncan

 Debra Parkinson



 David Heinrich

 Lisa Hutchins

 Louise Le Nay

 Jo Brown

 Prevention is better than cure: Developing a    bushfire safety film with the Karen  community    of Nhill (Victoria)

 Ms Tha-Blay Sher

 Ms Annette Creek

 Dr Scott Hanson-Easey


Resilient Australian Government Award

 Application name

Team members

 Community-Based Bushfire  Management

 Fiona Macken

 Michelle Kearns

 Kathy Overton

 Birgitte Hutchens

 Karen Whitehurst

 Sue Harley

 Louise Scott

 Sally White

 Sharon Mifsud

 Rebecca Walker

 Improving Victoria’s cyber security resilience


Shane Moffitt

David Cullen

John O’Driscoll


Resilient Australia Local Government Award

 Application name

Team members

 Hume City Council - English and    Emergencies - Learn and Prepare

 Maria Loriente

 Tina Georgiev

 Martha Martin

 Van Tastic - Community Led Recovery  Initiative

 Mat Deans

 Sue Rondeau

 Resilient Emergency Action Plan (REAP)  Day  Program for Alpine Shire Schools

 Susan Sheldrick

 Jenny Corser

 Karen van Huizen


Resilient Australia School Award

 Application name

Team members

 A walk through Strathewens Fire history

 Andrew Alford

 Briony Towers

 James Armstrong

 Jane Hayward

 Lisal O’Brien

 TAP into Bushfires

 Robyn Vale

 Anne Moriarty

 Julia McMeel

 Davin Reid

 Andrea Vallance