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01/10/2015 Strategic priorities for emergency management volunteering in Victoria The Strategic Priorities express common needs across emergency management volunteering and describe the direct value to volunteers.

The priorities are designed to drive, guide and inform strategy, investment planning, decision-making and focus across the sector, in agencies, organisations, government and EMV.
01/09/2015 Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy sets out the vision, principles and strategic priorities for the future direction in building resilience of Victoria’s critical infrastructure.
01/08/2015 Victorian action plan for pandemic influenza Every Victorian Government department and agency (including emergency management agencies) must have a plan in place to address the possible impacts and consequences of pandemic influenza on their organisations, and their responsibilities to communities.
01/06/2015 Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018 Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018
01/06/2015 Community Fire Refuges Policy 2015 This policy was developed in response to recommendations of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.
27/05/2015 Research Foundations Strategy To coordinate the collective efforts of research across the sector, better share and utilise our collective knowledge, EMV has developed a Research Foundations Strategy.

The strategy outlines a program of work to better connect and coordinate the collective research efforts of the sector. The Research Foundations Strategy is designed to support and coordinate the existing agency priorities to increase the sector’s collective expertise and better share our knowledge.
06/01/2015 Emergency Management Manual Victoria The Emergency Management Manual Victoria (EMMV) contains policy and planning documents for emergency management in Victoria, and provides details about the roles different organisations play in the emergency management arrangements.
31/12/2014 Coal Mine Emergency Management Taskforce Status Report 31 Dec 2014 Coal Mine Emergency Management Taskforce Status Report 31 Dec 2014
19/11/2014 Volunteer Consultative Forum Report - Successful Volunteer Initiatives The aim of this report is to address some of the actions identified in the Volunteer Consultative Forum (VCF) 2014 Work Plan by providing a reference tool / support document for emergency management volunteers and agencies to provide and share examples of successful volunteer initiatives. It also provides an overview and links to other volunteer based research, inquiries, strategies and reports that may be of assistance.
01/11/2014 National Review of Warnings and Information National Review of Warnings and Information