EMV Research

2021 Research Program

Conducted under the auspice of the Fire Services Commissioner, the 2021 Research Program explored some of the trends and drivers of change across Victoria. Observed and anticipated changes in population, environment as well as the impact on future emergency management have been explored in the program.

View a short video report that briefly outlines key findings from the three reports


Resilience and Climate Change

Greater variation in weather patterns – such as droughts, rainfall and heat – are being experienced and more recently, extreme rapid onset events such as bushfire, heatwaves, severe storms and flash floods have taken place throughout the state. These hazards have occurred more frequently and with greater intensity, challenging the Victorian emergency management sector to effectively respond and protect against their impacts.

In managing future impacts of climate change, there is a need to educate, prepare and build resilience in communities facing increasing climate hazards. Community engagement can assist in building resilience and potentially reduce vulnerability to climate change in communities. The following paper ‘‘Community engagement in the emergency management sector: Developing resilience to climate change in Victoria’, explores effective engagement initiatives across the sector.