The emergency management sector comprises a wide range of agencies, departments, not for profit organisations, industry and businesses, some with core business outside of emergency management. The expertise, research and knowledge generated by these organisations is critical to better understanding emergency management in Victoria.

The sector also draws on a great diversity of research providers and subject matter experts to complement its research and knowledge needs.

EMV coordinates and connects these various research contributions, supporting Victoria’s emergency management sector to drive evidence based decision making.

The following are guiding principles for research which underpin the sector’s commitment to robust, effective and credible research endeavours.

Aligned and Coordinated

  • Alignment to Federal and State Government strategic directions
  • Balance agency needs with broader future focused research
  • Relationships with research providers and stakeholders
  • Transparent and available
  • Opportunities for partnering with stakeholders

Good Process

• Fair and contestable funding processes

• Ethical research

• Effective project management

• Credibility

• Rigour, reliability and validity

• Operational and strategic research

• Publishing and disseminating

Impact and Utilisation

• Research that is used

• Practical and actionable

• Integration with knowledge management and organisational learning strategies

Research Foundations Strategy

To coordinate the collective efforts of research across the sector, better share and utilise our collective knowledge, EMV has developed a Research Foundations Strategy. The strategy outlines a program of work to better connect and coordinate the collective research efforts of the sector. The Research Foundations Strategy is designed to support and coordinate the existing agency priorities to increase the sector’s collective expertise and better share our knowledge.