Victorian Preparedness Framework


In Victoria we have set a goal to build safer and more resilient communities. In emergency management this requires an understanding of our challenges, our resilience and the capabilities required to plan for, withstand and recover from emergencies.

The Victorian Preparedness Framework is a model that enables and supports the building of resilience; we have to understand our resilience in order to understand what capabilities are required, and we need to know what our capabilities are in order to see the gaps and help build resilience.

At its core the Victorian Preparedness Framework is a planning tool to assist in understanding the capabilities required through all stages of a major emergency. It provides a practical step, a methodology to develop capability requirements or targets, and the critical tasks required to achieve the core capabilities of those targets.  

The capability requirements or targets is not the end desired outcome of an emergency, but rather the capabilities – made up of people, resources, governance, systems and processes - that are required to achieve the desired outcome. 

Capabilities come in many shapes and forms, be it the number of fire trucks available in a region, the ability to transport or house displaced people, the ability of community members to look after themselves for 72 hours without external assistance, or the ability of a local business to re-open quickly after an emergency.

As a sector we can confirm capability requirements and take steps to ensure we are prepared, however it is impossible to ensure we have a sector that can solely manage and come to the assistance of everyone needing help during a major emergency.

In many cases the targets or requirements will identify gaps. These gaps will drive many of the sectors priorities into the future, including the need to work closely with communities, government, agencies and business to share the responsibility of emergency management into the future.

Work to understand the emergency management capability requirements needed to deal with the challenges and risks we face as a community has been underway within the sector since 2015. 

Current focus

In 2018, our focus has shifted to assessing the capability and capacity that we have, based on an understanding of what would be required to meet capability targets. The first update of the Victorian Preparedness Framework has been released, refining the critical tasks that appeared in the first edition, and including case studies to demonstrate how the Framework is being used by the sector.

So far three key pieces of work (including this framework) have been developed by the emergency management sector. The Victorian Preparedness Framework builds on the:

The Victorian Preparedness Framework supports the overarching goal of building resilience in Victoria to major emergencies, and aligns closely with the Community Resilience Framework for Emergency Management and work underway to integrate recovery with emergency management. 

The Victorian Preparedness Framework will be used within the Emergency Management Planning Guidelines as a crucial step to determine capability.


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