Executive Consequence Management

The Executive Consequence Management (ECM) Program is a three-day residential program which drives the all communities, all emergency model of emergency management in strategic leaders within Victoria’s emergency management sector.


Photo os Executive Consequence Management course

Facilitated by Emergency Management Victoria in conjunction with the Barrington Centre and the emergency management sector, 33 programs have been undertaken between 2012 and 2018, with attendance from over 700 senior emergency management practitioners from a range of business, agency, community and government departments. Presenters include experts from government, businesses, health organisations and community.

The effectiveness of emergency management rests on the ability of executive leaders to coordinate and work together collaboratively. The Executive Consequence Management Program increases participant abilities to make better and more informed decisions during major emergencies, as well as increasing the management capabilities of executives across a broader range of government and non-government agencies.

Topics covered in the course include:

  1. The changed environment for managing emergencies
  2. Handling the next unknown emergency
  3. Politics in emergencies and government expectations
  4. Consequence management application
  5. Executive consequence leadership
  6. Royal Commission and consequence management
  7. A community perspective of major emergencies
  8. The human cost of emergencies on communities
  9. Community connections
  10. Strategy in action
  11. Hypotheticals

For more information, please contact ecm@barringtoncentre.com (External link), or call 1300 857 363.




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