This page contains useful resources to support emergency management planning at the state level. The information is compiled from a variety of sources including material generally available on the public record, reputable specialist sources and original material. Care has been taken wherever possible to verify accuracy and reliability; however, the material does not provide professional advice. No warranty is provided nor, to the extent lawful, liability accepted for loss resulting from reliance on the contents of this guide or from its use. Readers should apply their own skill and judgement when using the information contained herein.

Resources to assist the planning process

Emergency management planning context

Fact sheet: State level planning

Risk management

Victorian Critical Infrastructure All Sectors Resilience Report (2018)

Emergency risks in Victoria

State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) and sub-plans


SEMP Sub-plans

2021 SEMP Review - Schedule of changes and info pack

Guidelines for Preparing State, Regional and Municipal Emergency Management Plans

Advisory material to support the review of a SEMP Sub-Plan

​​Fact sheet: Sub-plans and complementary plans

Assurance of the SEMP and SEMP sub-plans

Emergency management plan assurance 

Fact Sheet: Assurance of emergency management plans

Statement of Assurance template – SEMP or SEMP sub-plan