Regional emergency management planning

This page contains useful resources to support emergency management planning at the regional level. The information is compiled from a variety of sources including material generally available on the public record, reputable specialist sources and original material. Care has been taken wherever possible to verify accuracy and reliability; however, the material does not provide professional advice. No warranty is provided nor, to the extent lawful, liability accepted for loss resulting from reliance on the contents of this guide or from its use. Readers should apply their own skill and judgement when using the information contained herein.

Resources to inform the regional planning process

Regional emergency management planning

Fact sheet: Regional level planning

Declaration of Emergency Management Regions

Regional emergency risk project 2014/15 – state level report

Regional scans - refer to each REMPC for the most up to date version

Barwon South West environmental scan

Eastern Metro environmental scan

Gippsland environmental scan

Grampians environmental scan

Hume environmental scan

Loddon Mallee environmental scan

North West Metro environmental scan

Southern Metro environmental scan

Additional resources

Regional Development Victoria – regional snapshot (External link)

Regional Emergency Management Plans (REMPs) and REMP sub-plans

Guidelines for Preparing State, Regional and Municipal Emergency Management Plans

Fact Sheet: Sub-plans and complementary plans

REMPs and sub-plans

Regional Emergency Management Plans (including REMP sub-plans)

Assurance of REMPs and REMP sub-plans

Fact Sheet: Assurance of emergency management plans

Statement of Assurance template – REMP or REMP sub-plan

Regional Emergency Management Planning Committees (REMPCs)

Microsoft Teams for REMPC members

Microsoft Teams issue report (External link)

Setup and training guide (for a guest of the VicGov tenancy)

Setup and training guide (for an existing member of the VicGov tenancy)

REMPC facilitator or team owner booster pack

Proxy quicksheet

REMPC branding and maps

Maps of all regions

All regions document template

Barwon South West REMPC document template

Eastern Metro REMPC document template

Gippsland REMPC document template

Grampians REMPC document template

Hume REMPC document template

Loddon Mallee REMPC document template

North West Metro REMPC document template

Southern Metro REMPC document template

REMPC meetings and governance

REMPC meeting agenda template

Member agency written report to the REMPC template

Microsoft Teams for REMPCs

Role of a Microsoft Teams meeting facilitator for regional emergency management planning

Where to find REMPC documents

REMPC membership

Information for a new REMPC member

Fact sheet: Regional emergency management planning committee membership

Nomination for a new REMPC member

Letter to agency seeking new REMPC member/s

Letter to REMPC member seeking to confirm membership due to non-attendance

Letter to agency seeking replacement REMPC member

Letter to advise change in REMPC membership

REMPC sub-committees and working groups

Fact Sheet: Sub-committees and working groups

REMPC sub-committee/working group agenda template

Sub-committee/working group written report to the REMPC