WyeSep Connect online portal

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EMV and Colac Otway Shire recently launched WyeSep Connect, an online portal that supports resettlement at Wye River and Separation Creek, sharing and sourcing information, news, events, achievements and challenges.

WyeSepConnect is a community asset and will be guided by the Wye River-Separation Creek Community Resilience Committee, who have been elected to represent the communities through the resettlement period. WyeSep Connect will evolve as a link to enable a connected community, and part of our shared vision for what Wye River and Separation Creek can be and will be.

The portal is interactive and designed to connect anybody with an interest or involvement in the resettlement of Wye River and Separation Creek.

There are eight resettlement priority areas represented which are; Clean-up, Planning and Building, Infrastructure, Connection, Flora and Fauna, Wellbeing, Tourism and Business.

Go to wyesepconnect.info (External link) for more information.